Topics & Scope

The number of bioinformatics core units in industrial and academic research environments is growing rapidly. This workshop shall provide a communication and exchange platform for scientific and service aspects of such core unit. The topics discussed include, but are not limited to new solutions and best practices in

  • data management, data sharing and data security
  • high throughput data processing, data analysis and interpretation
  • benchmarking and reproducible research
  • next-generation infrastructure, e.g. virtualization, cloud services, etc.
  • administrative aspects of the core business  

Important Deadlines


Until 31st May         Early Bird Registration

Until 1st July           Deadline Call & Submission

Until 19th August   Deadline Standard Registration

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bernd Rinn

Scientific IT Services ETH Zürich



The Lifecycle of Research Data  and how Core Units can support it

Prof. Dr.

Sven Rahmann

University of


TU Dortmund



Interactivity vs. Reproducibility of

High-Throughput Data Analysis