9:30            Arrival & Registration, and Coffee


10:25          Opening - Dieter Beule, Sven Nahnsen


Session I   Data and Tool Management – Session Chair Tobias Straub


Invited Keynote: 

10:30          Bernd Rinn

                   The Lifecycle of Research Data  and how Core Units can support it

Contributed Talks:

11:15          Ilja Bezrukov

                   NGS data management and documentation at a basic research institution

11:30          Markus Dueringer

                   Secure data sharing of NGS data in a cloud environment 

11:45          Björn Grüning

                   The galaxy framework as platform for bioinformatics core units

12:00          Ricardo Wurmus

                   Reproducible and User-Controlled Package Management in HPC with GNU Guix

12:15          Piotr W. Dabrowski

                   An infrastructure for sustainable, automated and unified benchmarking


12.30         Lunch


Session II   Workflows and Training – Session Chair Holger Klein


Invited Keynote:

13:30          Sven Rahmann

                   Interactivity vs. Reproducibility of High-Throughput Data Analysis                   

Contributed Talks:

14:15          Lei Mao

                   A multi-layer institutional Curriculum for bioinformatics training 

14:30          Alexander Botzki

                   VIB´s bioinformatics training: a significant comerstone for modern, data-intensive life                                                  science research                      

14:45          Vivi Lieu

                   A pipeline for automatized quality control and exploration of NGS data

15:00          Daniel J. Stekhoven

                   NEXUS: supporting precision medicine with

                   state-of-the art  technologies for molecular diagnostics


15:15         Coffee Break


Session III   Podium - Session Chair Dieter Beule


16:00          Full Service versus User Empowerment

                   Short Impulse Talk by Bernhard Renard followed by podium and general discussion

16:30          Science versus Service

                   Short Impulse Talk by Thomas Manke followed by podium and general discussion

17:00          Core Unit Networking

                   Short Impulse Talk by Ljudmila Borisenko followed by podium and general discussion 

17:30          Open Discussion 

17:45          Wrap Up, Sven Nahnsen

                   Summary of Results, Future Workshops


18:00          Gettogether (Food and Drinks)